Brainy Benefits


A Division of Brain child learning franchise is a one of its type business opportunity that gives you a chance to run your own business without being alone. You will be supported by our excellent systems in the areas of operations, training, advertising, Sales, marketing and business execution.
Our Business Models have been developed such that you can manage the business along with your other commitments with ease. We train our Business Partners and their people extensively in the art of managing and successfully running a BRAINY training centre and this training is completed before the actual inauguration of the centre. To get the franchise up and running it will usually take 15 days from the end of the tenure of the training.
Franchisees must have an active, hands-on, day-to-day involvement in the operation of the center and should spend at least 2 hours per day to look after the business. Franchisees run their units as an independent business backed by the systems set by the company and are responsible for all normal business functions i.e. recruiting, marketing, accounting, classes’ conduction and administration. In all these functions we shall provide the Business Partner with Adequate help and training.
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Realize your dream to become an Entrepreneur

This franchise opportunity does not require you to have any prior experience in the field of business or education. In fact this business is most suitable for first time entrepreneurs who would like to make the switch from a Job to a business arena.In fact some of Our Most Successful business partners are ladies and first Time Entrepreneurs with a flair for wanting to own and manage their own business backed by the experience of their Better Half in expanding and growing this business to dizzying heights.This is only possible because of the quality training and Standard operating procedures in place, backed by Professional operations, logistics, marketing and human resources training team to help the franchisee be a part of a group of successful entrepreneurs.At BRAINY we work at the heart of the business for you to reach the heart of our students.
Principles of Brainy
  • Bonding: standing by Brand, management, customer relation and competence
  • Identity: Joining hands with customers, employees, suppliers, and community as a whole in pleasant environment
  • Accountability: Learning from experience & imbibing refinements, taking responsibility for our actions
  • Explore: constantly explore the world of perfectness, as it exists with our customer
  • Fairness: Being true to ourselves, humility in accepting feedback & serving others
  • Dedication: to do the utmost on preserving and maintaining the originality, as it is the factor that remains the sanctity of this business